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Nila Parly
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A Wonderfully World-Demoniac Woman Wagners kvindefigurer Svanesange Wagner-mit Weib und Seele Dø, diva, dø! Visions of the Ring Flying a Wagner Kite Kundrys afspejlinger



2006 Ph.D., University of Copenhagen, Department of Music

1999 M.A., University of Copenhagen, Department of Music

1992 Diplomino as soprano singer after a three-year education at the conservatory Santa Cecilia, Rome, Italy

Employment history

2007 Research fellow, University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Art and Cultural Studies

2005-2007 Lecturer in musicology, theatre studies, and literature, University of Copenhagen

2001-2005 Ph.D. student, University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Music

2002 Visiting Scholar, Princeton University, Dept. of Music, with Professor Carolyn Abbate

Guest lectures

*The Reconciliation Motive in Wagner, U. of Copenhagen, Faculty of Theology, 2005

*Brünnhilde's Assumption of Power, Symposium 'Ringen på scenen' (The Ring on Stage), U. of Copenhagen, 2004

Women in Wagner, 14th Nordic Musicological Congress, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland, 2004

Works (select list)

*Absolute Song. Sound, Gender, and Female Roles in Wagner's Works. Ph.D. dissertation, to be published by Multivers Academic Publishers, Copenhagen, in July, 2007; a revised edition, Vocal Victories, to be published in English by Museum Tusculanum Publishers

*Kundry's Reflections. Parsifal 1882 - Salome 1905 - Lulu 1937. Book, Multivers Academic Publishers, Copenhagen, 2004. ISBN 87-7917-072-2

*Brünnhilde's Assumption of Power. Article in: Ringen på scenen. Fortolkning og iscenesættelse af Richard Wagners 'Nibelungens Ring', University of Copenhagen, 2004. ISBN 87-90866-06-2

*Wagner's Female Characters, Sieglinde and Kundry. In: Ringen på scenen, U. of Copenhagen, 2004

*Swan Songs. Richard Wagner's Female Protagonists from Senta to Kundry. Article in: Musikteater: Opførelse, praksis, publikum, University of Copenhagen, 2003. ISBN 87-90886-04-6

*A Wonderfully World-Demoniac Woman. Wagner's Kundry. Article in the Danish musicological journal 'Kvinder i musik' (Women in Music), No. 45-46, March 2000

Teaching (courses developed and taught)

- Graduate / MA level

2006 'Text and Context in Wagner and Verdi', 'Text and Music in Wagner and Strauss', interdisciplinary courses, U. of Copenhagen, Dept. of Art and Cultural Studies

2003 'Richard Wagner's Ring', U. of Copenhagen, Dept. of Music

2001 'Bizet's Carmen', U. of Copenhagen, Dept. of Music

Fellowships and Honours

2007-2009 Three-year post-doc scholarship from the Carlsberg Foundation

2006 Fellowship at Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Copenhagen

2001-2005 Three-year Ph.D. fellowship from the Danish Research Council for the Humanities (period includes one year on leave because of childbirth and three months' leave due to other obligations)

Related Professional Experience

2007 Regular contributor to The Wagner Journal, London (ed. Barry Millington)

2005 onwards: opera dramaturge at the Royal Opera, Copenhagen, the Jutland Opera, Aarhus, and Norrbottens Opera, Umeå, Sweden

2004 Co-organizer of symposium 'Ringen på scenen' (The Ring on Stage), in collaboration with Goethe Institut Copenhagen and Dept. of Theatre Studies, U. of Copenhagen

2004- Assistant spokesperson, faculty staff, U. of Copenhagen, Dept. of Music

* = English translation of title in Danish